Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Daniel's convo

Once again a photo blog.
Thats the prob with procrastinating , you end up with loads of pics from events that took place a while ago.
Anyway the whole family congregated to KL for the grand and proud moment whereby Daniel graduates and with 1st class honours too.

Parents stayed at Summit hotel. Great feeling when they come over cos they seldom go out of Jb. But couldn't really bring them anywhere to gai gai as they only came for 2 days!

Well the convo in MMU in cyberjaya was really an eye opener. So different compared to IMU. One thing is there were so many ppl from so many different faculties graduating at the same time. So you multiply each student by say one kampung and what you get is a jam packed chaotic mess! Sea of people everywhere plus it was damn hot but it was certainly nice to see so many proud and happy people around. So what if it was hot and sticky? Important thing is it was a happy occasion. With millions of flowers and bouquets of soft toys bought for the joyous occasion thus booming income for the individual businesses but i cant help but feel guilty about the wastage of money on irrelevant not going to use again soft toys and flowers that will wilt in a day. As well as the usage of non-biodegradable plastic for wrapping the flowers.

I shall compensate by not taking plastic bags from shopping centres anymore unless absolutely necessary or when the packaging is damn cute.

Ok so here are the pics

HAppy with anticipation and the fact that i'm on hols with my family~

The initial pool of proud ppl waiting for the graduates to come out

Waited outside cos only 2 family member allowed into the hall for each graduate. Thus the bo liao photo taking.

More and more people turn up
More flowers soft toy and baloons spotted.

No matter what also must take pics with the flowers. First time i acually go and get someone flowers.

I bought these lilies at PJ.So not cheap but i actually like those little berries and smaller flowers accompanying the lilies better than those fragile white flowers themselves.

Benjamin bought this for Ben. They were selling like so many flowers and toys and you can customize your bouquet on the spot too. Waste time only i go and book flowers. Better to just buy from MMU. Ha ha anyway so nice to see how caring Ben is. He actually shopped around for a gift for Daniel cos he said Daniel has helped him a lot! Seriously~~

JH was sick but had to come muahaha kena forced.

Ben and his bouquet.

When the graduates were let loose pandemonium ensued. Really sea of people lor. People mountain people sea.

Finally located Dan.

Dan and his Korean looking friend.

Dan and his fellow bathcmate who was actually my Dad's former teacher! And he's like in his late 60's or early 70's (cant remember which) and he was so dignified compared to his relatively practically adolescent coursemates.

Typical throw your motar board in the air pose. Just that i took the pic after the motar boards had dropped to the ground.. oops i meant to do that.

Family pics~

Wa lao so envious

Aiks how come so many candid shots

Papa Ho telling us the next plan of action

Ha ha ha all in all it was good and precious family time.

With JH life is slightly different. For example he spends 99.99% of his free time with so~

LIke so~

In fact the situation is like this!

What to do~
At least he brings me shopping la. Even to far Ikea even if just to satisfy my need for just one new quilt cover.

Loves eating

Meatballs yum~

Tried the marzipan cake or something.Yum Yum ler definitely must try~

Gotta love the way he eats~

Did not get to buy any clothes though. But no worries cos there are loads of boutiques in Ipoh. Many of which are really affordable compared to Kl and JB la.

Was looking for something to wear for the medical night so managed to persuade JH to bring me to a couple of boutiques i've never been to before but perhaps had passed by before.So went in for a quick look while waiting for dinner to be served. And bought this.

Its totally sheer so will have to wear a camisole inside but i so like it.

Ha ha ha as for the medical night i did manage to buy a purple very comfy dress.And i must say the medical night this time was a classy and well organized event. Damn good. And the lucky draw prizes of 21 inch tv (2) all expence paid trip for two to Medan and Padang were definitely better than most lucky draws. I drew a towel la pretty early on. Better than nothing lor. Believe it or not JH got like 3 metres of cloth flowery pink cloth to make baju kurung kind. HA ha ha even the staff nurses dun wan when he offered to give them.

Me and Adeline

And the rest of the girls. Loved how everyone was dressed

Ka ka ka must get the rest of the pics from the night.

Ps. all pics courtesy of JH's i phone.


suwen said...

Haha...can totally understand ur JH loves PC situation,I should jz substitute the wordings "TAN" with "YIN"....

saltvinegar said...

Ha ha ha .. wa we suffer from the same fate~ haha feel like i'm vying for attention with the pc.. oh well..


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