Tuesday, 28 April 2009

So sien~

Work work work.. my life is just non-stop work now.. Have been doing EOD (every other day) and a few back to back calls for the past 2 weeks or so and there is another week of it to go. Din really mind it that much cos even though i was busy all the patients were cared for and safe and healthy. However after all the slogging last night stabilizing ill patients, all i got was a sort of sounding off for not doing something that was asked by the specialist the previous day~ i seriously dun remember him ordering it la~ plus the kid was extremely well jumping around here and there with a problem that has been brushed aside by the previous specialist for damn long.. The child is very well now though~ Hai~ all the hard work not appreciated~ Maybe i should just call him everyday for every little thing so he'll know how much work we have~ see how he feels not sleeping well every other day~ or 2 days in a row~ I am not perfect but at least i am safe~

Friday, 17 April 2009

Teluk Batik part 3

Wa lao tak habis-habis my induksi pics~It's been a month already.. it was great fun but i guess the novelty has totally worn of.. what with 2-3weeks of EOD and back to back calls awaiting me.. oh well.. Here is the continuation of my photo blog~

The very cute 'honey money' group~The name sort of came about as a joke but their team logo is really one of the best.. he he second only to 'Docstarz' of course.

Ahem ahem~ our team effort~

Met not only doctors but pharmacists, dentists and counsellors as well~

Ok the lectures were really draggy.. what could have been covered in half an hour was dragged to 2 hours.. so that the lecturers can earn more? Or for our schedule to be more packed?I think probably both~anyhow they were understanding enough to let us do this~

And this~ people were dropping like flies~

Even our 'penghulu' finds it hard to stay awake~

Clever people bring laptops to keep themselves awake~ thank God wifi was available.. i only had JH's I-phone damn~ and had to fight with him to use it some more

The beach looks really amazing in photos~

Little river flowing to the sea~

Our 5-8 breaks were spent on the beach~ the water was really crowded though so none of us went swimming on the beach~Ate lots of ice-cream though.

And yet more ice-cream~

Pretty in pink~ oh yeah all pictures this time courtesy of Mee Mei~


Random cute sand turtle we found on the beach~

OK have to really thank Lai for suggesting and planning the BBQ~ initially me and Jh was like.. damn lazy.. but in the end it was really fun.. My first BBQ on the beach~

Our 2 small pits

Usual BBQ food~which mostly got burnt

You can't tell from this pic but it was really dark~JH had to illuminate with his phone~

Whenever we could we went to pose for pics at the beach~ and even the burger stall..

Posing with the poor horse which was a little mad cos he's tied up all the time~

Better take pics of him/her (din check) from a safe distance~

Our senior Diong!

Had the chance to sample setiawan/Manjungs famour Hokchiew dishes~

Yummy yummy red wine mee suah!I've eaten this before cos i'm Hokchia?

Of course since we were so close to the Pangkor jetty .. went there to jalan-jalan also~

The only pic Jh really seemed to enjoy taking~

Lots of sea and strong wind~

Our last dinner together in a seafood restaurant in Kg Cina~Sashi with his hand in cast cos he fractured his distal end radius ulna while cathing a ball (he was the goalie)in a futsal match.

Wa lao Steven dun get jealous~

So that concludes my induksi pics.. there are some more but too lazy to put up liao~ anyway this is the gist of it.. had a great time enjoying an all expense paid by taxpayers money holiday and had a great time meeting all my old friends and making a couple of new ones too!May we all meet again in BTN~

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Missing JB

I just got back to Slim River today and .. so obviously i am so still missing JB after 3 glorious days in my homeland~ why must JB be so different from the other states in Malaysia~ Hai hai hai.. went on a shopping rampage ..spent quite a lot~ haha but very happy.. the rest of the days i was just at home sleeping and recovering from fever, sore throat and generally feeling unwel.. but still able to cook and enjoy the grand finals of project superstar which so happened to have fallen on the Sunday i was back~ Bless the Lord~

Bought a much needed watch..bought the cheapest but nicest..

Its called menthol tone??!!~

Also bought hehe, an anklet, an over sized Hello Kitty face pink bag which i kinda regret cos it was too big to bring so is still in JB, an anklet, my elusive Biomedic contact lenses (God knows why no shops in KL or Slim River or Seri Manjung stock up on them.. and even in JB i had to ask every spectacle shop in City Square), pirated version of 'Perfect cut 2' and cheap Thai pants cos their comfy.Aahh wanted to buy the new i-weekly but looks like it was sold out.. it was for the better too cos i cant read chinese anyway..just wanted to look at pictures.

Oh and i got to go for Qing ming and help pay respect to my darling ancestors.. i love going there and doing all the ritual stuff~ and i met my headmistress in the airport and she asked me to sit next to her on the plane~! I did'nt know we could choose our own seats on Fireflyz~

Was back in KL on Tuesday thank God for Jh's parents for picking me up from the airport or i would have to wander around trying to find my way back to Slim~ and of course enjoyed more KL shopping but for some reason could not find anything to buy..

All in all a very rewarding trip.. love my family~miss my 933~

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Back from Induksi part 2

This was blogged last week so it does not reflect my feelings now~

Just back from back to back weekend calls and i'm on-call tomorrow~ boo and i'm due for an appointment to an unknown dentist for my wisdom tooth problem in 20 minutes but i'm still gonna blog bout the good old days in Teluk Batik~haha hardcore nostalgic.. So we reached and registered about 4pm on a Friday and the food and activities started that night itself.. and i was thinking God what have i gotten myself into~ we were asked to form a circle and at times stand in rows and sing stupid songs that went like this 'mee goreng oh mee goreng, roti canai mee goreng, mee goreng oh mee goreng, roti canai mee goreng, teh taaaarik, teh taaarik, roti canai mee goreng.'

Wa lao what made it worse was that everyone of those words had actions.. Here we are doing the roti canai~
Damn humiliating ..but when the instructor and everyone else in the room are doing it you dun feel so bad la.. so the whole 2 hours were spent singing mindless songs, playing silly games, forming groups.. haha we got to sort of choose.. and learning some patriotic to the service songs.. dun even remember the names of the songs now.Ha ha but will be hearing it again at my next mesyuarat pagi.

Ok so i was lazy and blogged half way last week.. so i'm gonna have to continue where i left off.. FYI i'm gonna have my wisdom tooth extracted tomorrow~ whoo pee i can't wait~

The many sighs and scenes i see everyday while making my way to the induksi lectures.

As you can see i do really miss the greenery. Am really too lazy to blog now~ recovering from a really bad call so just let the pics do the talking yeah?

Group project~make 10 nails balance on one nail

Our group logo 'Docstarz'

Jungle trekking~ really the highlight of the trip!!

All 70 of us were trekking in there.. so you can imagine how many times we had to stop cos ppl can't keep up~ really irritating~ cos of these unfit and slow ppl the supposedly 1 and a half hour trek took like 2-2 and a half hours.. thank God we were right in front with the first tour guide.Those groups who were behind came back 1 hour later~

Still sempat to take pics

Cos need to wait for slow pokes

We found a tortoise halfway through the trek~tortoise also can reach the top ok?

Camwhores all of us~especially Adeline

View from the top~

Same place same time different camera

So cos of the reduced effort tolerance and flat footed ppl who just made everyone wait for them, we were all caught in a torrential storm~in the jungle~ wehn night was descending~ on muddy terrain once rain got to the soil~



Safe in the room but soaking wet~
Yet it felt really a sort of adventure because of the rain and the many slips and slides~ kaka so in a way have to thank all the slow ppl also la.

Wa lao my muscles still aching from the call last nite~ gotta rest.. more of induksi later~

Saturday, 4 April 2009


Supposed to continue my induksi escapades.. but too sien already~ have been working non-stop since i came back~ and the calls seem to have become worse and worse lately.. really bad season or something. So i guess too much work , too little time and too few staff will result in mistakes~ I don't think i did anything wrong la.. in fact was pretty happy that i settled everything during my call and not leave any leftover work for the person on-call the next day~ but it seems i should have over-treat neonates~

OK i noe what to do now~ always over treat especially when your boss is stressed! No need to observe first just aggressively treat~ poor babies~

On-call again tomorrow~ when will this end~


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