Thursday, 15 December 2011

Coach Chinese Mook

UPDATE: KINOKUNIYA KLCC is actually bringing this mook in! Coming in 31/12/2011.

Coach has decided to release a Chinese Mook, which i suspect will not come to Malaysian Kinokuniya, like how all the previous Chinese mooks did not reach our shores. But still, it's good to hope.

It comes with a gorgeous box packaging with signature stripes.

The box contains a mook and the gift.

Obviously the gift won't be a tote, or wristlet or anything from their main line. So we get a make up pouch which actually looks quite cute.

The thing about this make-up pouch is that it consists of two parts. The first being an inner clear pouch with Coach logo.

And the second being an outer covering with a few clear compartments which packages the inner clear pouch.

From close-up pictures, it looks pretty well made.

I'll just wait and see if this arrives in out shores. If all else fails I'm making a trip to Singapore. But then again, I already have a gorgeous Gelato Pique make up pouch. Hmmm..

All pictures courtesy of books Taiwan.

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