Thursday, 22 December 2011

Ni Hao Ma?- Jay Chou and Show Luo cracks it up

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! My family actually never really celebrated Winter Solstice, and i only picked up the habit of eating 'tang yuen' from my relatives and friends, so much so that it has become a yearly must do for me. Sadly though i made 'tang yuen' for one this year since I'm living alone for most of the weekdays this year (ok technically for two since i gave some to my housemate).

So when i'm alone at times of festivities, i take the opportunity to listen to some emo songs, cos it doesn't work that well when you're always around people, you know what i mean?

And what better emo song than Jay Chou's latest, 'Ni hao ma?' (How are you) complete with emo translated lyrics. Just in case you're in an emo state, have a listen and look at this.

And to get out of the emo state why not also watch a recent episode (also rather rare for Jay Chou to appear in variety shows) of 100% entertainment where Jay and Show face off.All in glorious translated form.

Hope you had a great 'dong zhi'!

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