Sunday, 18 December 2011


I have accumulated quite a number of random and in my opinion rather print worthy pieces.

Here are some pictures taken and edited on my iPhone and also a reflection on what I've been seeing in my daily life.

First up, deformed macaroon- but it tasted nice so..don't judge a book by it's cover, but then again macaroons are all about the look aren't they?

One of my cheap thrill buys, a rose gold coloured  ribbon ring at 50% off at Vincci = RM10 *happiness*

Another one of my cheap thrill buys, a detachable collar of sorts.

Random bear in my cousin-in-laws place. I like looking at stuffed animals but i can't stand dust so i don't really buy any for myself.This one is super cute and friendly though.Paddington bear if I'm not mistaken

And speaking of cheap thrill buys, this one is a freebie buy. I bought this for the darling vintage packaging as well as..

.. the free vintage magnets at the back. Seriously i would have been happy with just one magnet! 

I'm so sleepy yet i have so much to do! Gotta go cook dinner now *healthy*!

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