Sunday, 18 December 2011

Japanese Magazines in Kinokuniya KLCC December 2011

I have not done this for a while now, so here's what's at the Japanese magazine section in Kinokuniya KLCC as of Friday.

There was one last copy of Sweet December 2011 with the Lesportsac multicase left on the shelf. I was hopping to see the November Vivi with the Murua collar, but that was just wishful; thinking.

The last issue of Sweet.

I was surprised to also see the January issue of With magazine with the Coach freebies still on the shelves. Also one copy left.

These are the latest magazines in store.

As it's Christmas time, Kinokuniya is having a Readers Rhapsody promotion where selected mooks are at 30% off. Here are some i managed to take pictures of.

Old mooks.(Sorry for the shaky picture)

Rather new mooks.

On a separate note, the Kinokuniya magazine promotion going on now is a free metal photo frame by Winko which purportedly costs RM159 (seriously?) with purchase of Malaysian Tatler and Tatler Homes (both for RM 35). Hmm.. i guess if you're rich enough to buy an RM159 photo frame, you wouldn't need to buy magazines for the freebies?

Over at the Chinese magazine department, I'm surprised to see the latest Chinese Agnes B mook, unfortunately it's the one with an ugly tote.. well, glad that Kinokuniya KLCC is starting to bring in Chinese mooks anyway.

On the magazine aisle, i saw that Bon Voyage magazine comes with a 5 piece Cellabel gift set.

Who would have thought there'd be so many bags , hair and skincare products to 'buy' in a bookstore?


shuaddict said...

Ah so many. Cannot keep up anymore .. have to be more selective :) Thanks for the report.

saltvinegar said...

Yep... I'm sorta immune now whereas last time I'd be like.. Whoa.. Must grab..

Anonymous said...

Hi, can I know the price for the Japanese magazine? Thx.

saltvinegar said...

It depends, Japanese magazines like Cutie are slightly cheaper at RM35-40, while the other magazines cost around RM40-50.

The mooks are more expensive and range between RM65-120!

Anonymous said...

Thanks ya. I love your blog !

Maye said...

Hello, Caroline!

So mnay magazines!
I got With because Kanjani is featured in it (helpless fan) and the contents of the magazine are quite nice. I liked the style better because is less "young" as in Ray and easier for an OL look.
But I didn't liked much the COACH book cover, it looked really cheap.
Though I have high hopes for february's Steady because it will have a Coach hankie and a mirror.

Hope you have a Merry Xmas over there!

saltvinegar said...

Hi Maye! Did you receive the pages i sent?? How long did it take? Was it in good condition? Very curious :p

I was that close to purchasing WITH for the Coach cover! Luckily i didn't!

Merry Christmas to you too!


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