Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Liz Lisa Fukubukuro 2012

Christmas is coming in a few days time and before you know it, it will be the year 2012! New Years is also the time when Fukubukuro's of all shapes and sizes make their way into the market. If you don't know what a Fukubukuro is, read here.

One of the more widely anticipated 'Lucky bag' is the Liz Lisa one.Here's what they have in store for the new year.

Liz Lisa typically produce a variety of Fukubukuro's and unlike many other "lucky bags', they actually let you know what's in the bag (kind of defeats the point since the whole fun is in  the element of surprise, but then again these bags are just too pricey for you to buy and not like). This year there seems to be two lines, the Princess line , one with a trolley suitcase and one with a a princess carry tote as well as a 'cute Ralala' line.( I know, what a name)

The 'Ralala'line is a bit more funky and quirky, and it too comes with either a trolley or tote.

Have a look!

Princess Ribbon Carry- I feel a little embarrassed typing this. Yup you can be 30 years old and want to carry a 'princess ribbon carry' suitcase. The suitcase looks a lot like the one they sold last year and the year before, so this line must have sold extremely well. I imagine a lot of girls have this in Japan.

The apparel that comes with the fukubukuro.

They have also thoughtfully provided a blanket to warm yourself during your travels.

But guess what, this set costs a whooping RM433.74 or 10,500 yen!Do not underestimate princessy clothes!

The next fukubukuro in the line is called Princess Ribbon Boston which comes in an all-white bag. Very winter.Also cheaper at RM216.87.

As mentioned earlier, in case you're not the type of girl that does 'princessy' looks, do not fear since Liz Lisa has thoughtfully produced a 'Cute Ralala' line. Though i must say this looks even more juvenile.Perhaps this is aimed at teenagers.

This one also costs RM216.89.

The bag reminds me so much of the HbG tote i got with a magazine.

This is the 'Carry' range.Price RM433.74.

The price seriously scares me. But if you're still not scared (brave one you are!*claps claps salute*), then you can have a look at this!

You can have the whole Princess range for RM650.61 or 15750 yen!

Happy Fukubukuro shopping! Pictures all courtesy of this site.


M.May said...

Sigh I wish I was in Japan right now just to buy Fukubukuro!! I bought a Liz Lisa one way back in 2008 and I loved it!

I do find them kinda pricey if we convert to RM tho. =(

♡ M.May

saltvinegar said...

Hi MMay, at least you're lucky enough to own one! But I kinda get the feeling that they are kinda flimsy and of course seriously pricey! Is your 2008 purchase still in good condition?


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