Sunday, 18 December 2011

Free Liese Bubble Hair Colour with Jessica Magazine

The December issue of Jessica Malaysia magazine comes with a full sized Liese Bubble Hair Colour in Strawberry Pink.It's limited to the first 300 customers and exclusive to Kinokuniya  but when i was there on Friday there were 1-2 big boxes of hair colour still available.

However, Sweet Pink is the only colour available and the manufacturing date is.. well see for yourself.

Hmm.. a one year old product in a colour called sweet pink? No wonder they're trying to give it away free!

But i don't mind since i feel whatever colour i use from Liese, it kinds of look the same? (true with Chesnut Brown and Ash brown.. i have not tried Sweet Pink yet).

The magazine costs only RM8 while the retail price of the hair colour is RM38.


nia said...

i have liese in mocha orange with mfg 2009. do you think i still can use it? or its better to buy a new one?

saltvinegar said...

I would rather buy a new one actually..i tried looking up the expiry date but it's not stated anywhere on the they are already giving away those manufactured in 2010 for free.. if u do want to use it, try the allergy test first..


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