Monday, 12 December 2011

Detachable collars

I am a confirmed net addict! I am currently typing from my room. I am currently typing from my room while being locked inside my room. Don't ask me how it happened.. i didn't think it was possible either. I just opened my room door from the outside, went into my room, closed it again and voila I'm a prisoner in my own room.

How can a condominium unit this pretty have so many flaws? First it was the light, then the air-con, now the door knob! It doesn't help that my landlady cannot be bothered about us and expects us to pay for the faults in her house most of the time. Is there a law somewhere that protects me from this?

Anyway while i await my housemate to bring someone to save me, i am utilizing the time to blog.That's how addicted i am.

Anyhow since adorablycluelessme's blogpost (look at the side link if you wanna read her post) about detachable collars, I've been hooked!

I desperately want one for my own. It does not help that every other Japanese fashion magazine is flaunting them on almost every issue!

Here are some pictures to illustrate my point.

I want the beaded ones!

Peter pan collars with knits is the trend in Japan now.

Who needs a necklace?

Just in case you're wondering why the sudden change in styling, well half of the pictures are from the more girly and feminine Ray magazine while another half is from the more sexy grungy Scawaii.

What did i tell you about collars and knits?

Imagine how a collar can totally change the look of an outfit. For example this is look number 1 with a white pearl collar.

This is the same sweater with a dark blue polka dotted peter pan collar.

Pearls are awesome in any colour.

This one is just a necklace with a collar effect.

Sigh the problem is, the trend has yet to hit Singapore or Malaysia, and it is not being sold in many shops as of yet.

I did however manage to find a lovely crochet/lace collar at one of the clothes shop in City Square JB and they only brought in one piece too.. the thing is the price of that detachable collar is RM59.90. I almost bought it but my hubby just had to put things into perspective that with that money i can buy a whole blouse and not just a collar. Also, i did not exactly have anything to go with that collar anyway.

So now I am, still collarless, and plotting to DIY my own detachable collar. I'll let you know if i do manage to sew a decent collar. In the meantime, i do wish the locksmith would hurry up!


DoRa Priscilla said...

Nice! can you spare the name of the Japanese magazine? Most Japanese mags are either in Japanese (obviously) and Chinese. I haven't found any in English.

Have a nice day ^^

saltvinegar said...

Hi Dora, these are Japanese magazines translated in Malay (SCawaii) and English (Ray). Ray(English edition) is available for sale in Malaysia and Singapore.

I wrote a bit on both magazines here:

and here


DoRa Priscilla said...

Thanks! :D


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