Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Agnes B necklace

I am constantly amazed by how greedy and unscrupulous some people are for the sake of money. Yet sometimes, though rare I meet someone who blows me away with their kindness and generosity.

It all started with my blog post on mooks in Taiwan. Meng Her was one who found the blog post useful and wanted to buy me a gift in return.

I though she must be joking! Buy me a gift? When all i did was just penning down my memories and thoughts? Of course i declined, but when she mentioned it again, i asked if she could help me buy this particular mook that was not sold in Malaysia and that i would pay her back.

To cut a long story short, she helped me buy the mook, took the trouble to post it to me, and up till now had been declining any payment or return gift!

I'm definitely getting her something in return.. but what?? Definitely don't want to get her something she may not like considering how much i love the Agnes B mook with necklace she helped me buy.

Thanks dear! It helped that the parcel came right after my not so good day.

Here's the pretty present i got in the mail.

Look at how prettily it is packaged!

And I'm really touched that she took the trouble to  modify the box and make a cute card *super sweet*

I was so bummed Kinokuniya did not bring the Chinese Agnes B mook in to Malaysia, while the Singaporeans were scrambling to purchase it in Kinokuniya and Popular.

Thanks to Meng Her i don't have to be green with envy no more!

*There is kindness in the world*


Meng Her said...

;) *hugs*

Btw, just now i saq a push cart at Sutera mall selling clay stuff.. if u free when bk jb, may go survey n look around..

saltvinegar said...


Thanks girl.. i really need to get you something.. but what???


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